LED and Lighting Technologies

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LED Panels Wholesale

Discounted top of the line LED cabinets of all resolutions available at wholesale prices. Please contact us with your LED panel needs. Our prices quality and dependability have proven track records and many satisfied customers. With Company representatives on site in China you can be assured that your orders are being filled properly and shipments made in certified road cases with minimal chance of damage during transit.

LED and Lighting Technologies

LED Lighting Technologies:

Production Services:


  • If you are looking for LED Video Wall Rental in the 4 State area, you are in the right place.

  • Indoor/Outdoor LED Video Design and Equipment

  • LED Video Walls

  • LED Video Panels

  • LED Video Screens

  • LED Video Dance Floors

  • Curveable LED Panels

  • Front-Serviceable LED Panels

  • Rear-Mounted LED Panels

  • Ground Stackable LED Panels

  • Indoor and Outdoor-Rated Panels

  • Industry Standard Equipment:

Taylor Production offers nothing but the best in LED video. We deliver industry-leading products and unmatched customer service for your trade show, house of worship, corporate event, or live music event. We can accommodate indoor or outdoor events, choosing the best LED video solution for your individual needs. We pride ourselves on taking your unique ideas and bringing them to fruition with custom designs to make your event stand out.

We offer services to the Midwest.

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